Match It and Snatch it Game Official Contest Rules

104.9 KRRR-FM
Match It and Snatch it Game
Official Contest Rules

1. This contest will run from April 5, 2021 to June 25, 2021
2. No purchase is necessary to win.
3. Match It and Snatch It players will be the ninth caller at 307-635-9100 following the broadcast of the “cue to call” on 104.9 KRRR. The “cue to call will air twice daily, Monday through Friday between 6am and 2pm.
4. Players will attempt to “Match” two (2) squares on a playing grid consisting of 42 squares. Copies of the playing grid are available at and at participating sponsor locations. It is NOT necessary to have a playing grid to play the game. Once a square has been matched, it is “out of play” for the duration of the contest. Squares will be identified by number using the numbering system on the playing grid.
5. Players will be given the opportunity to select two (2) squares on the Match It and Snatch It playing grid. If those two squares “Match” – the caller will win the corresponding prize. (For example: If both squares say $100 – the caller wins $100…if both squares say “XYZ Business” the caller wins the designated prize from that specific business.
6. Players who do not win a prize are eligible to play again if they are the correct caller.
7. All qualifiers must be at least 21 years of age.
8. Odds of winning depend on number of persons playing the contest.
9. Only one “Match” prize winner per household for the duration of the contest.
10. Employees of Appaloosa Broadcasting, Co, employees of other radio stations and members of their immediate families are ineligible to play.
11. All qualifiers of this contest agree to release their name, image and/or voice to 104.9 KRRR in connection with the promotion of this contest.
12. This contest is conducted for the local area radio audience and is NOT conducted simultaneously in other radio markets.
13. This contest will air exclusively on 104.9 KRRR.
14. All callers to the 104.9 KRRR studios agree to give consent to record their phone call and/or air it on 104.9 KRRR.
15. 104.9 KRRR will not be held responsible for busy signals, overloaded phone lines or any other malfunctioning of phone equipment.
16. 104.9 KRRR will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or misdirected mail with prizes. Prizes must be picked up by the winners only at the 104.9 KRRR business offices during regular business hours within 30 days of notification to the winner, unless there is a deadline date by which the prizes must be picked up, in which case the date will be specifically stated. Otherwise, failure to pick up the prizes by the deadline will result in forfeiture of the prize, which shall remain the property of KRRR. KRRR assumes no liability for the delivery of prizes.
17. All decisions regarding the awarding of prizes in this contest are final. All prizes are non-transferable and are not redeemable for cash. KRRR reserves the right to substitute a prize of similar value. In circumstances where event tickets are a prize, KRRR cannot be held responsible for unforeseen cancellations or delays of concerts/events or transportation caused by weather, promoter or performer.
18. KRRR and Appaloosa Broadcasting, Inc. assumes no liability for liability, damages, situations, repairs or incidents arising from any aspect of any prize awarded in any contest. KRRR, Appaloosa Broadcasting, Inc., all participating co-sponsor companies and their advertising agencies, affiliates thereof, employees, and immediate families of each absolve themselves and shall be held harmless from any action or liability arising from any contest or prize awarded in any contest. As a condition of entering a contest, participants may be required, upon winning, to sign a release form and affidavit of eligibility to claim their prize. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the contestant’s right to claim or receive the prize.
19. All giveaways and contests are void where prohibited by law. All local, state and federal regulations apply. As a licensee of the FCC and a trustee of the public airwaves, KRRR reserves the right to interrupt, and/or discontinue any contest or promotion (and not award the offered prizes) at the discretion of the KRRR management if world events, the national mood or public safety so warrant. KRRR reserves the right to disqualify any winner of the contest rules have been violated in any way. KRRR reserves the right to amend the rules to any contest at any time. All decisions of KRRR are final and not open to appeal.
20. 104.9 KRRR reserves the right to change the rules of this contest at any time.
21. 104.9 KRRR reserves the right to change the end date of this contest at any time.