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 And during that same 30 seconds, a commercial for your company could be airing on 104.9 KRRR, reaching over 10,000 listeners! That’s 10,000+ potential new customers hearing about your company and discovering your products or services. 10,000 people who live, work, and shop in the Cheyenne area.

 That’s the power of radio advertising.

 In this era of emerging media and increased competition for attention, radio perseveres because it reaches people wherever and whenever. In your car, at the workplace, in the gym — you name it, radio is there.

 And your company’s message could be there too!

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With more options for accessing music than ever before, one would assume that radio has a hard time keeping up. However, the truth is that Radio is alive…and thriving! Take a look at some common myths and misconceptions about Radio:


MYTH: Everyone is listening to Pandora/Spotify/Satellite
 TRUTH: Despite numerous audio options, radio continues to play an important role for music, entertainment and information. Radio touches the lives of millions of consumers every week in the U.S. – regardless of the platform or device being used. Radio engages more people each week than any other audio option.

 MYTH: It’s hard to track and measure radio’s local results.
 TRUTH: Radio delivers measurable results. It drives web traffic and influences behavior. Radio’s advertising impact can be measured both online and offline. According to a Nielsen 2018 study, listeners who heard a radio ad three or more times took significant action as compared to those that hadn’t heard the radio ad.

 MYTH: Radio doesn’t drive traffic or sales
 TRUTH: As the original mobile medium, radio reaches consumers wherever they are, influencing product consideration, web traffic, and purchase behavior.

 MYTH: Social Media is more effective than radio.
 TRUTH: Driving conversation and engagement among listeners is one of radio’s greatest strengths, and the personalities on radio stations are the original social media influencers. As the original social medium, radio reaches more adults every week than social networking on devices.

 MYTH: Radio can’t target a specific audience like cable TV can.
 TRUTH: Radio provides targetability, and reaches more adults weekly than other video options. Consumers who plan on buying a product, using a service or expect a lifestyle change are radio listeners.